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Announcement Press Release

Dr. Kevin Harrison
Republican Candidate for the
6th Congressional District in Texas


Kevin has spent his life serving people in his city, state, nation, and world. He has the education, experience, integrity, creativity, and compassion and will honorably represent you in Congress! Find out more about who he is and what he has done.

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Kevin and Becky Harrison have been married for over 30 years and are parents to two beautiful daughters, Mikaela, 21, and Julianna, 16. Learn more about the Harrison family by clicking below and see how they have and will represent you.

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Plans for the Issues

Other candidates rely on raising money; I have a better strategy and PLANS to reach people in District 6! We need to demand transparency from our candidates and I'm the ONLY candidate in this race who is willing to go on the record with REAL PLANS!

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5 Reasons to Vote for Kevin

This election is about more than just electing an official into public office; it's about selecting a person who will represent the 6th District of Texas with honesty and integrity. Read about the "WHY" behind the "WHO."

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Contact Kevin

Kevin wants to hear from you about what your concerns and ideas are for the real changes needed in Washington. He genuinely cares about the things that impact your life! Please reach out to us, as his voice will be your voice!

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Kevin's Team

Jim Key, Campaign Manager
Dr. Bob Condly, Director of Communications
Carl Dorvil, MBA, Director of Digital Content and Youth
Dr. Yvette Garcia, Treasurer
Becky Harrison, M.Ed., Director of Community Relations
Mikaela & Julianna Harrison, Volunteer Coordinators

Ways Everyone Can Get Involved

An election of this magnitude requires teamwork. We need you to help us to be the change you want to see. We are a team on a mission, and we can't function without every player playing their role. Anyone is welcome to join the cause! Every person matters!

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vote for kevin Harrison in the 6th District
of texas in 2018 because it's

Time to restore
hope to everyone.

Face it: Many of the politicians in Washington are career politicians who have been there so long they've forgotten about the people they represent. Kevin IS a regular person who understands what it's like to work hard, only to watch his healthcare double with the stroke of a legislative pen.

Kevin knows what it's like to eat reduced price lunches at school as a kid and to struggle to make ends meet as a newly married couple. He remembers when he and Becky only had a enough money to eat out at Taco Bell when the tacos were on sale for $.29 a piece; and they could only get 4 of them then, along with their glasses of water. He knows what it's like to go through loss and pain, and wonder how he could move forward, and yet HOPE helped him to rise above the worst of times.

Simply put: KEVIN IS YOU, and he's running to be the voice of people who haven't had a voice for too long! He doesn't just want to get elected, he wants to remind the everyday person that there is HOPE FOR YOU!

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