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14th Amendment Proposal

The 14th Amendment was created to protect the rights of African Americans as citizens, not to extend citizenship to everyone who intends to visit America to have their child. As such, this amendment must be addressed to clearly define citizenship moving forward. 

1) CITIZENSHIP THROUGH BIRTH: The children of all US citizens automatically receive citizenship regardless of where they are born. The current requirements for running for political office will apply. 

2) NO BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP: Less than 1/6 of all countries practice birthright citizenship. We cannot incentivize people crossing our borders to have their children be born in the US, especially in light of our country's financial perils. The original intent of this amendment should be honored, not distorted.

3) DUAL CITIZENSHIP: Dual citizenship may be granted to children born in the US whose parents have entered the country legally and are living under a previously-approved US Visa program. 

Article 1 Section 2 and Section 3 Amendment Proposal

It is proposed that all members of the US House of Representatives and the Senate will hold 4-year terms, with 50% of the Congressional seats receiving a vote every two years.

  • This proposal partially addresses one concern regarding the 17th Amendment for Senators by reducing the length of their terms by two years. 
  • This proposal safeguards against US Representatives entering the office, governing for one year and then spending a year focusing on running the following year. We NEED to change this chaotic practice to promote continuity in government.
  • This proposal will lead to a true midterm election.

2) Set term limits for all members of Congress at 12 years.

3) Retirement salaries would be reduced to a max of $35,000 per year for those who served the full tenure.

28th Amendment

BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT: I would propose a Balanced Budget Amendment that requires Congress to spend less money than the tax revenues we receive.