CHARLOTTE INGERSOLL - 82 years young



“I want to assure you that you will not be making a mistake when you vote for Kevin Harrison.  God has given him a mind that far surpasses what many of us will ever see.  He not only has the wisdom, but he has a heart for the things of our Lord and the problems currently facing all of our lives. 

Don’t kid yourselves we are facing hard times and we need a strong leadership.  Kevin is not one to back away when things get tough, you will find he is just getting started. 

He is diligent in all his undertakings and has had many various opportunities, one of which is being president of an online college and traveling all over this world dealing with many different kinds of people.  He will listen and will weigh all decisions in his efforts to be consistent and fair-minded.  In a time of instability he is extremely stable and determined to find a workable solution for all types of people.  I know you won’t be disappointed.”

— Charlotte Ingersoll