You CAN Make a Difference!

Kevin is running a grassroots campaign, instead of wastefully spending hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be better used to help people in need. So how can he make a serious run at this office while not spending money on expensive commercials? The answer is simple: Use as many free resources, like social media, as possible and take the message to the people. Ultimately, this election is about the representation of the people of District 6, and the best choice to ensure Washington hears your voice.



We need you to go to our Facebook page and LIKE the campaign. Then, we ask you to share all of our posts on your page and to let others know about the opportunity they have to be a part of the revolution!


We will be tweeting daily and posting videos to give you updates on the progress of the campaign. We ask that you retweet us to your followers and also tweet to us @vote4kevinh.


Get a Bumper Sticker

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One way we can use your support is by you putting one of our FREE bumper stickers on your car! Bumper stickers are great, inexpensive ways for us to be able to take our message to the people. Make a statement and get yours today!

Volunteer to Serve

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One month leading up to the election, we will be distributing business cards and flyers door-to-door, and we need volunteers on Saturdays. We will provide all the materials, and we just ask that you canvas your neighborhood.