The #1 responsibility of every government is to protect its' people. Common sense says no other issue matters if we aren't alive. So, Kevin believes National Security must be our #1 priority. We must equip our military with the best resources necessary to do their jobs, but we need to fight with 21st-century strategies. We NEED:
1) A border wall to protect us from terrorists and to stop the flow of drugs from coming into our country and killing our people.
2) A stronger vetting system for all people coming into our country from ANY country. 3) Better protection of our infrastructure, including our power grids, transportation systems, and technology systems. In short, we MUST do WHATEVER IT TAKES to protect our people, to ensure freedom continues to ring!



The Statue of Liberty is symbolic of who we are as a nation. The inscription on Lady Liberty that reads, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” is a reflection of our embracing of all peoples. However, we live in a different world today than even a generation ago, and it demands caution and common sense governing. America has enemies that want to destroy our way of life, so we must strike the right balance between liberty and safety. Immigration Reform was a hot-button topic in the 2016 Presidential election. Unfortunately, politicians have spent more time fighting each other, rather than coming up with real solutions. Kevin has a realistic plan to help advance the discussion regarding immigration reform.



The Affordable Healthcare Act was designed to make healthcare available to all at reasonable rates. Unfortunately, what most Americans realized was a substantial increase in their premiums. Kevin saw his family's health insurance rates more than double, while his coverage decreased. Kevin believes everyone should have access to the medical care they need, regardless of their income status, and he's developed a simple plan to advance the discussion. Kevin's plan is a common-sense solution to help everyone get affordable coverage, without a governmental fingerprint on business.



America is over $20.6 Trillion in debt as a result of the federal government spending at a rate 20.7% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Scarily enough, some economists predict our spending will increase to approximately 23% by 2027. Federal government spending is and has been, out of control. At this point, we are no longer borrowing money from our children; we are borrowing money from our grandchildren. Consider this: IF we were able to reduce our debt by $500 billion every year, it would take us 41 years to pay off our debt. THAT'S INSANE!!!! The madness has to stop, and we need a Congressman with a plan who will fight to make sure it ends now!



Since its' creation in 1979, the Department of Education has spent approximately $1.5 trillion that was supposed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of education across America. However, as the Education Reformation Plan details, test scores have nominally improved since 1971 among 17-year-old students. If a business consistently failed to produce after 39 years of existence, the company would have been closed down, or reorganization would take place. The Education Reformation Plan proposes to reorganize the Department of Education and saves billions of dollars.



At the end of 2017, Republicans took a significant step forward in bringing real tax relief to the American public. However, this plan did little to simplify the tax code from the over 4 million words on 2,700 complicated pages of tax code, with tens of thousands of pages in additional explanation. Kevin's Tax Reformation Plan seeks to SIMPLIFY the tax code and minimize the invasion of the IRS in the lives of Americans. This plan will reduce the stress on Americans of record keeping, receipt collection, and keeping mounds of paperwork to justify tax deductions. If the Declaration of Independence was one page long, and the US Constitution was four pages long, why is our tax code so long? WE MUST SIMPLIFY for the sake of the American people!



Kevin believes the 14th amendment and Article 1, Sections 2 and 3 of the Constitution need to be amended to protect America, more accurately define citizenship, and help Congress to function more efficiently. Article V of the US Constitution allows a process for changing the Constitution that requires two-thirds approval by both the House and Senate, and two-thirds of states' support for it to be placed on the ballot. The vote requires three-fourths of states to ratify the amendment. One example of an amendment overriding a previous amendment is the 18th and 21st amendments that first negated alcohol and then allowed its consumption.



Social Security was a program started by FDR in response to the Great Depression and the increasing need for Americans to be taken care of in their senior years. While in the intent of the program was great for the 1930’s, the population growth and the government’s failure in loaning itself money from the program instead of properly investing, has resulted in a program nearing the brink of being unsustainable. Regardless of when changes take place, they are going to be painful. Therefore, transition buffers are crucial to help people prepare.