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Kevin Harrison Press Release for Congress

Today, I am honored, together with my wife of over 30 years, Becky Harrison, and our two daughters, Mikaela and Julianna, to let you know that I’ve entered the race for the US House of Representatives 6th District in the great state of Texas as a proud Republican.

With all the scandals going on in our nation from Hollywood to Washington to network television, the character of the candidates running has never been more important than it is right now. I want you to think about the gravity of this statement: Every time there’s a scandal, there is a person or persons who have been victimized. Lives have been forever altered as people in power took unfair advantage of them, and THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Furthermore, we’ve witnessed in November and December that when this happens, the job of the legislators has shifted from doing the work of the American people to going into full spin mode to salvage whatever they can of their compromised reputations. And so, the elected officials can’t effectively do their jobs they were sent by the people to perform.

Character DOES matter…and it’s crucial in this election!

For over 30 years, I’ve dedicated my life to serving others in our city, state, nation, and world. I’ve been there for people for some of the biggest events in their lives including the birth of their children, graduations, weddings, and hundreds of funerals. I’ve spent countless hours counseling people through difficult life crises, walked through gut-wrenching divorce proceedings, celebrated adoption days, and I’ve had the misfortune of personally delivering the news to parents that their children passed away.

I’ve sat for hours by the bedside of terminally ill people who couldn’t speak a word just to keep them company and to help them know they were not alone. I’ve cut lawns for elderly people I did and didn’t know, and I’ve painted houses and helped remodel homes for those who didn’t have the resources or ability to do it themselves. I’ve worked with the child advocacy center, children’s homes and local schools, coached youth sports for over 12 years, and I’ve worked alongside people whose lives were turned upside down as a result of a natural or man-made disaster all around the world.

When I saw the high cost of college education spiraling out of control, I decided to make a difference and started West Coast Bible College & Seminary in 2006, a 100% online college offering bachelors for only $1,500. I’ve walked through the accreditation process with the Health and Welfare Sector Authority (HWSETA) in South Africa and with the Accrediting Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities in the UK, both governmentally-recognized agencies in line with our mission of training students globally. I am also walking us through the accreditation process with a nationally-recognized accrediting body in the US and an announcement regarding our status is expected soon. Our concurrent enrollment has grown to 1,100 students and we’ve graduated over 700 students since 2011. We've been very blessed to be a part of the educational journey of thousands of students through a degree program or onsite leadership training.

I’ve had extensive disaster relief experiences including following the 2001 El Salvador Earthquake, 9/11 in New York City, Hurricane Katrina, the 2010 Haiti Earthquake and the 2013 West, Texas explosion, to name a few. I served as the lead administrator for The Gathering Waco at Baylor’s McLane Stadium that brought together over 30,000 people from various denominations and racial backgrounds.

I share all of this with you because the experiences I’ve walked through with others has given me a different perspective on life, and a different set problem-solving skills. I’ve never been one who sat in a place of privilege, but instead I’ve chosen the role of servant leadership that I learned in the church from a young age.

Everything I’ve ever done has been with no aspirations of personal gain or of doing them for the photo op so I could be elected to some public office; I chose to go into church ministry because I care about people and wanted to do anything I could to help make their lives better. I know the wide-range of my personal experiences and ability to bring people together over an extended period has prepared me to serve with excellence.

Now, I’m not a perfect person, and I’m not a politician who will make a lot of empty and impossible promises to keep. However, I will make you this commitment: If you elect me to be your congressman, there won’t be anybody that will exhibit higher character or will care more about their people than me.

To find out more about Kevin Harrison and how you can be a part of the campaign, go to www.KevinForCongress.org.